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About us A Boutique Inn on Folly Beach SC

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Beachside Boutique Inn

Mike, my husband and I started The Beachside many years ago and we didn’t realize what it would turn into; I was lucky enough to hang with some friends at work on the front porch. It is a feel-good positive place and I often forget how special it is.

Beachside Boutique Inn started as our home. Michael, Devon (both in the picture) me and Rutledge, Chester, Kohl, Emily, and Judy…our 5 pets. We then had Cole our youngest son and expanded to the front house. We have wonderful memories raising our boys in this house, celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving at the dining table downstairs. We rented out the back cottages and bungalows and would regularly roast oysters together at the fire pit.

Now it is a place for family and friends and pets to create their own lasting memories, and I appreciate all the people that continue to come back to visit and stay with us which is what makes The Beachside what it is today!

I want to thank all of our guests and all who work with us to make this a very special place in the heart of Folly Beach! We are all so very LUCKY!!

-Christy Richardson, owner of The Beachside Boutique Inn, Riverside Properties and the Dental Rental

About Beachside Boutique Inn

Christy and Michael met on Folly Beach and both fell in love with the island. One of their greatest loves is the older historic beach houses scattered about the island. Unfortunately, many are demolished to build larger homes destroying the character of the island. Christy and Michael saved four of these treasures and converted three of them into what is known as Beachside Boutique Inn.

The 4th building, a 1930’s beach house, was converted into a quaint dental office next to the inn where Christy practices dentistry.

Michael has been building and restoring many unique homes on Folly and in the Charleston area, while Christy serves our veterans at the VA hospital and practices dentistry on Folly. Both enjoy all the beach life has to offer and feel blessed to be part of the community. They enjoy spending most of their time with their 2 boys and 3 dogs. You may see them around the Inn as they are very involved and live a short golf cart ride a few streets away.

Beachside Boutique Inn is located just outside of Charleston SC on Folly Beach SC. With a variety of rooms and cottages, Beachside remains one of the most unique places to stay on the east coast.

We offer a very unique high-end wooden interior home dubbed the “Wooden Castle”. The Castle features a beautiful honeymoon suite with a spa bathroom and outdoor shower. If needed, an additional room is included with the suite with two cozy bunk beds. Our other rooms are each unique with two being efficiency spaces that have outdoor entrances and a private patio space. The Queen Ann room has eight windows and is nestled high amongst the trees.

For that “Folly funky feel,” three uniquely-themed rooms are located in our
Quirky Cottage. Next to the Quirky Cottage is a private, detached “Costa Rican Bungalow” with a fully functional kitchen. The Bungalow was rescued from the west side of the island, and is also known as the “submarine house,” which provided sleeping quarters for soldiers during WWII.

Check out the Seacret Cottage nestled in the trees detached from the wooden castle. It has a loft bed and pull out couch below along with a full kitchen.

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